Design Teams

Team Tech

Team Tech, an interdisciplinary engineering design team affiliated with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), is dedicated to collaborating with industry-leading companies to tackle their engineering challenges. Every year, we partner with a company in the industry, develop a solution to one of their engineering problems, and present our project findings at the SWE National Conference.

At Team Tech, we foster a collaborative environment that values teamwork and embraces challenges as opportunities for technical and professional skill development. Our team typically comprises 6 to 12 undergraduate female engineers from a variety of specialties, providing a unique chance for undergraduates to collaborate on industry-focused, hands-on projects. We have formed successful partnerships with industry-leading companies, including CACI, Sandia National Laboratories, UKG, P&G, Neilson, and RTI Surgical, in the past.


  • Provides fellow engineers with a glimpse into the industry
  • Exposes engineers to real-life engineering problems and solutions
  • Enables members to forge a sense of community within the team
  • Allows members to establish professional connections within the industry
  • Engaging with these companies can potentially increase employability and enhance prospects for future employment opportunities
  • Members can gain valuable insights into future career paths

We warmly welcome engineers of all skill levels and years to join Team Tech, regardless of prior experience! If you are interested in joining, reach out to for more information.

Team Tech Sponsor for 2023-24:


STEAM Team is a design team in the Society of Women Engineers that incorporates art in engineering. Our goal is to bridge the gap between STEM and the visual arts by designing and building unique installations that incorporate engineering principles. We strive to provide a teamwork-oriented environment and a creative outlet for our members that also contributes to their development as engineers. No prior experience is needed to join, all engineers are welcome!

Together, we learn:

  • Drilling, tools, and woodworking
  • Arduino programming
  • Circuit design and soldering
  • Art principles and processes
  • Thumbnailing, sketching, and painting

For the past two years, we have worked with the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention to design and build installations that match their summer exhibit themes. In the summer of 2021, we built a shadow-box-inspired exhibit for the Cade’s Space theme, and in 2022, our interactive dollhouse was displayed during the Toys and Games theme!